About Senitron RFID Solutions

Senitron commits to creating a productive workplace for companies by deploying the best RFID technologies. We help businesses across the industries to meet the current compliance demands and maintain optimal operational costs. We not only select the right data-driven products for the company, but we also stay as a technical partner throughout the journey of implementation, maintenance, and up-gradation of the technology. We capture, manage and analyze the business, personal, or product data, and integrate them into our products.

Senitron came into existence in 2012 with the sole intention to make hand-held RFID and Hands-free RFID products available to businesses in a way that would improve their inventory, asset tracking, and automation processes.

We aim to reach the industries of all verticals, so our products would cumulatively enhance the overall operational productivity, reduce labor and operational costs, create more loyal and satisfied customers and open opportunities for more sales and add to a soaring profit chart.

What Makes Us Unique?

Unparalleled Commitment To Provide Exemplary Services
Senitron offers 360 degrees RFID solutions like software, hardware accessories, support, and much more.

We produce hardware from scratch at our manufacturing units with impeccable precision. For this reason, we price them at a rate that is almost 300% less than the prices which brands like Impinj, Alien, or Zebra would quote.

We deploy software that our team develops. Therefore, our products are seamlessly integrated with glitch-free software that works effectively with minimal maintenance. You need not spend extra on maintenance and up-gradation costs

You need not run from one department to another with your concerns. With us, you work with a single source to coordinate the services holistically.

Senitron Project Managers have an average experience of 10 years in dealing with RFID technology. We leverage the technical expertise to deploy the product that best suits your business needs.

Our team uses the power of in-depth research to overcome the challenges of businesses and provide manufacturer agnostic recommendations to successfully help you to attain your goals within your budget constraints.


Our journey is that of learning and implementing.

Our journey to serve customers with revolutionary RFID solutions began in early 2013 with American Apparel’s busiest high-density apparel retail stores in Los Angeles California. This nationwide apparel chain store was familiar with the benefits of RFID technology. We helped them to deploy hand-held and hands-free RFID products at different locations, outlets, and inventory stores. The project was immensely successful, and the retail store started enjoying a dip in labor costs and an efficient inventory management system. It helped us gain name and fame in the RFID industry. Without much lag, we signed a contract to roll out Senitron hands-free solutions at fifty locations.

In our initial years, we deployed RFID hardware created by other manufacturers. However, as years went by, we realized the biggest reason why many businesses were reluctant to set up RFID solutions was the high cost of installation and low user-friendliness of the hardware. Gradually with time, we understood the flaws of RFID hardware from other manufacturers and developed our manufacturing unit. We aimed to produce RFID hardware that is user-friendly and cost-effective. Since then our exceptional technical team has been able to reduce the operational and installation cost of hands-free/handheld RFID hardware by around 80%.

As we progressed towards our goal of making RFID technology easily accessible to the masses, we encountered the next challenge- to create an effective RFID asset tracking software. Our team tried and tested various iterations of the software and finally came up with the perfect cloud-based, scalable solution. The software is versatile enough to cater to use-cases of RFID in retail, warehousing, manufacturing, personnel tracking, and health care.

Our diligence and perseverance towards our work reflects in the results. We are now counted-in as one of the most popular, feature-rich, and intuitive platforms. With Senitron cloud platforms, organizations need not require different RFID software programs to go live with RFID. We provide all the required elements like devices to print and encode RFID tags, software integration into external systems, tracking of various assets, customizable rules, and alerts, and a single-window RFID hardware management.

Over the years, Senitron has successfully deployed RFID solutions for companies across industries, including Fortune 500 companies. One of the biggest projects was for Intuitive Surgical in San Jose California, where we deployed hands-free RFID elements in their 200,000 sqft warehouse to enable asset tracking with high precision to specific aisles, shelves, and shelf levels.

Today Senitron has emerged as a renowned RFID solution provider that understands the complexity of modern software and customer’s business requirements. Our solutions can easily be integrated with software platforms like SAP, Retail Pro POS software, Lightspeed POS software, and many others.

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