Our Solutions

Encapsulated in plastic, the tiny RFID tags have aided numerous retailers around the globe for seamless inventory management.

Our RFID technology offers a gamut of solutions for retailers in the form of Hand-held RFID inventory scanning/reading and hybrid RFID scanners for an inventory room such as sales floor and back stock, or check-points like entry and exits. Both can be integrated with various POS systems including Lightspeed POS, Retail Pro, or CounterPoint.

We offer RFID solutions for retailers that help them gain high visibility of their supply chain and eliminate any untoward situation that involves understocking or overstocking of materials, erroneous supply chain, etc. It helps to keep your inventory and supply chain flowing seamlessly, and in turn, contribute to a satisfactory customer experience.

Hand-Held RFID Solution for Retailers

Hand-Held RFID for retailers is best used for counting the inventory cycle accurately and at a higher rate, almost 2800% faster than conventional methods. All you need to do is apply RFID labels to products, and use our RFID hand-held scanners as and when required.

You can either sync the inventory counts right away to your POS software or download it first, compare it with POS quantities and then sync the values to the POS software. Our hand-held RFID device is compatible with all POS software, such as LightSpeed, Retail Pro, and Counterpoint.

Hybrid hand-held RFID + Hands-Free RFID

Keeping track of stocks is one of the biggest challenges that retailers face. Our Hybrid RFID solutions offer the benefits of a hand-held and hands-free RFID sensor. Retailers can be assured of on-time and sufficient availability of stocks every time by placing the fixed RFID at crucial places like sensors to detect items moving from one zone to another and set off replenishment alerts when required.